Screenplay Samples

All screenplays are copyrighted with the United States Library of Congress. Loglines and other details about Randy's available scripts and key excerpts are below. If on a desk top or lap top, click the pop out box in the upper right corner of any sample to read the pages at full size. If on a mobile, click the PDF to read. To request synopses or a complete script, please Contact Randy.

This Close sample.pdf


  • Jeremy Pearl intends to shoot high school classmates and take his own life. He comes "this close" to acting before the plot is thwarted. After a seven year jail sentence on weapons charges he returns to his hometown a repentant man trying to make a normal life for himself.

"This Close" is an affordable, Sundance-style drama, which could be filmed anywhere. It has a unique take on the school shooter phenomena because, in this story, a shooting does not actually take place. The screenplay asks the question: can an attempted crime such as this be forgiven? Leads are male 20s, female 40s, female 20s, and male 50s. The script is 91 pages.

Some Years Later sample.pdf


  • Years after the death of her son under mysterious circumstances, an elderly woman returns to the scene of the crime to discover what really happened.

"Some Years Later" is part drama part mystery part revenge story. It has a unique lead, a woman over 60, who realizes she has one last chance (before age catches up with her) to find out how her son died many years prior. Budget is modest and features a woman in her 60s but also, with flashbacks, in her 40s. Male co-lead would also be 60/40. Script length is 94 pages. Location is US but can be adapted to any locale.

The Best or Sadie Daniels sample.pdf


  • Amanda Fitzgerald, known to the world by her porn name Sadie Daniels, may have contracted HIV. While she waits to learn if she has the disease or not, she travels to her hometown to seek out her parents--to whom she has not spoken in years.

"The Best of Sadie Daniels" is another Sundance-style drama in the style of The Wrestler or The Florida Project. It wonders how a woman who gets involved in pornography can return to her hometown and any kind of normal life. The budget would be modest and can be filmed anywhere, maybe in just one town. The leads are two women in their 20s, with supporting roles for men in their 20s and two parents in their 40s or early 50s. The script is 102 pages.

Jonny sample.pdf


  • In a sleepy, metro-Boston town a Ugandan refugee named Dembe provides elder care service for a long retired-gangster named Jonny. The two men form an unlikely friendship, but when the old mobster's past catches up with him will the relationship survive?

"Jonny" is comparable to The Intouchables and The Scent of A Woman. The story is a composite of some long-since retired gangsters who live in the Boston area and wonders how they would get along once they might not be able to take care of themselves. This is another modest budget drama with the lead a man in his 70s and an immigrant in his 30s. Boston need not be the setting nor Uganda the immigrant's home; these dynamics would work with any locale in the US or even Europe. The script is 99 pages.

Four Weeks to Get Ready sample.pdf


  • When a once great NFL receiver, now at the end of his career, accepts an offer to train with a suspended quarter back, he is blackmailed into receiving illegal drugs for the QB.

Inspired by Tom Brady's infamous suspension for deflating footballs, "Four Weeks to Get Ready" revs up the sports drama genre by combining it with sexy thriller elements. The leads are a male in his 30s and another in his 20s, along with a female in her 20s. There are multiple supporting roles for players, coaches, and other characters usually associated with professional football. This project would be more medium budget as there are football scenes. The script is 101 pages.

Intensive Psychotherapy sample.pdf


  • A top couples therapist becomes sexually involved with a husband and wife she is counseling, which eventually leads to blackmail and murder.

You could call "Intensive Psychotherapy a Lifetime or Hallmark Channel type of movie, but it could also play out as a Basic Instinct or Body Heat kind of story. The leads are two females in their 30s and also two males in their 30s. Its budget would be modest and locations limited to offices, houses, and restaurants or cafes. This script is a fast moving 89 pages.